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Based in Sale, Manchester, Cure Any Phobia provide Clinical Hypnotherapy and advanced NLP approaches that can help you to overcome phobias, reduce anxiety and manage fear better.

Help for Phobias in Manchester

Experienced clinical hypnotherapist Peter Sandy takes time to understand your phobic issue and is careful to proceed at the right pace while helping you establish a more appropriate (non-phobic) response to any phobia problem. 

Peter supports people every step of the way to ensure you feel safe and secure throughout in the consultation and hypnosis process.

No surprises, no trauma, just expert help and support.

Hypnotherapy for Phobia
Effective Phobia treatments with Hypnotherapy and NLP in Manchester
Hypnotherapy for phobias

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Types of Phobia 

There are many types of phobia that people can present with before attending my Manchester hypnotherapy clinic. Specific phobias such as Arachnophobia (fear of spiders) or Complex phobias such as social phobias.To view a list of specific and complex phobias click the below links

Phobia Treatment Price List

The pricing structure is simple, transparent and affordable.

First Session  (scheduled for 2 hours includes consultation and phobia hypnotherapy treatment)  £80

Following Sessions  1 hour per session £60     

How many Hypnotherapy sessions will I need?                 

Peter is happy to provide all the help you require to ensure you are satisfied with your results. For some people two to three sessions may be all that is required to overcome their phobia issue, for other people more support is available - the most important thing is you're happy with your success.

What is a Phobia?

The definition of the word phobia means fear.  A phobia is an extreme form of anxiety or irrational fear (or aversion) of a "thing" or a "situation". 


Helpful tips to control your fear response

There are many self-soothing strategies and tips that you can quickly learn to help manage your fear response and become more in control around phobia triggers. 


Hyperventilation (over-breathing) commonly leads to increased anxiety and panic attacks.

Put one hand on your upper chest and the other on your stomach. Notice which hand moves as you breathe. The hand on your chest should hardly move, if you are breathing correctly from the diaphragm.

  •  breathe in through your nose count to 7
  • breathe out through your nose count to 11

 More Top Phobia Tips

Common Animal Phobias 

Areas We Serve include NLP Hypnosis phobia help in Manchester hypnotherapy phobia help in Sale M33 hypnotherapy phobia help in Urmston hypnosis phobia help in Altrincham hypnotherapy Timperley phobia help in Hale hypnosis phobia help in Cheshire hypnotherapy phobia help in Stockport hypnotherapy phobia help in Flixton hypnosis phobia help in Irlam hypnosis phobia help in Eccles hypnotherapy for Agoraphobia in Manchester Agoraphobia help in Sale agoraphobia treatment in Altrincham Agoraphobia hypnosis NLP in Trafford Agoraphobia CBT help in Cheshire and in Manchester Anxiety UK hypnosis and hypnotherapy treatment for fear of flying hypnosis in Manchester phobia of mice in Sale M33 phobia of dogs fear of spiders Manchester hypnosis spider phobia of speaking fear of talking in Trafford fear of tests phobia of exams help in Manchester Hypnosis for fear of dentists fear of needles phobia of injections fear of doctors phobia of blood phobia of hospitals in Manchester Hypnotherapy and NLP for panic attacks in Manchester Hypnotherapy for relaxation against anxiety and stress helpful treatments using NLP and Hypnosis in Sale M33.