Manchester Hypnosis, NLP for Phobias

Step one - Consultation - understanding your phobia

Before any hypnosis or NLP treatment the first step is to sit down and discuss your specific phobic issue so we can tailor your treatment in the best way possible. It's important for me to take time to understand your phobia, where it might have started and how it has continued to run. We also discuss how you can change your thought processes and self talk to encourage changes to happen as deeply and quickly as possible.

Step two - Hypnotherapy with NLP - Treatment for your phobia

Following the consultation I will have an understanding of the phobic issue and how best to proceed. I will answer any questions you may have about the process to ensure you are happy to continue.

I will then help you to relax into hypnosis and we will work together using hypnotherapy approaches to lower any unconscious feelings of danger regarding the phobia and shift your unconscious awareness towards an appropriate response that you are happy to live with.

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Phobia treatment using Hypnosis and NLP works directly with your unconscious mind to relieve you of the phobic response

How will I know when my Phobia is gone?

Clients get the time needed during therapy to explore and imagine different scenarios to evaluate changes in how you will feel and to ensure the phobic trigger has been alleviated. If you need to stop at any point we stop because you are always in control.

I never use any direct contact with the phobic trigger (unless you decide) so you will not come face to face with the thing you fear unexpectedly.

You will be shown some easy-to-use coping strategies that will help you to stay relaxed in any future situations. 

I also include subtle yet powerful hypnotic suggestions to help improve your confidence and self-esteem so you feel strong enough to confront your issues.


About Your Therapist

If you are on this website then you have most probably already decided to gain expert help to assist you to overcome your fear.

As with anything in life, it pays to do some homework and choose a professional therapist with the proper qualifications, insurance, and membership to a recognised association.

Peter Sandy is the clinical hypnotherapist at Cure Any Phobia and will provide all the answers to ensure you feel in safe hands.. 

More about your therapist


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What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has been described as a software manual for the brain. It is a model for accelerating human change and is used as a means to improve the way we think, feel and behave.

Ultimately, NLP is a system of communication that focuses on identifying and using patterns of language and thought to influence a person's behaviour. It offers a definition of how the brain works (neuro), about how all language interacts with the brain (linguistic) and how we use this interaction to get the results we want for ourselves and others (programming).

What is the Fast Phobia technique

An NLP method that is regularly used in the therapy session is a technique called the Fast Phobia Cure or the Rewind technique. This allows you to quickly change sensory elements that were connected to any memories that supported the phobia or anxiety.

By changing the quality of parts of the memory - such as colour, sound or speed -  we help reduce the emotional content of the phobia memory and relabel the phobic memory as safe, no longer something to be feared.